"To help, to continually help and share, that is the sum of all knowledge; that is the meaning of art." Eleonora Duse





I use masks to help students develop introspection, intuition, and insight; masks can filter out complexities and find essential attitudes.

Studying with Thomas Prattki in Berlin, I learned the importance of reducing action to it’s essential components, which helps bring consciousness to form and concepts.

I also teach Meisner, which teaches the value of impulse and honesty, especially when dealing in deep emotions.




I teach students how to observe the human world, a source of rhythms, patterns, and character.

My students leave my classroom with a disciplined method, which converts their obstacle into the experience of growth, in a 3-part process:


1. find the problem w/ categorization

2. analyze w/ new tools

3. apply to problem w/ new knowledge




Students create devised performances around assigned themes, which challenges them to experiment with story-telling through puppetry, mask, melodrama, et al. 

When I ask students to take our biomechanics into their everyday, they often tell me their daily activities have become more mindful & present.


I aim to immerse my students in topics that I love, to demonstrate how disciplines come together, cross-over, and connect.



As a necessity to keep the human psyche strong & healthy, I teach theatre arts to anyone seeking to connect with the deepest and most essential of human experiences: THE IMAGINATION!  ✫  Theatre arts helps structure playing in the imagination, and that kind of play can create healthy self-awareness, and that leads to richer art, and good art feeds and strengthens a community. I believe this is achieved through theatre art.

COLUM PARKE MORGAN: Teacher and performer, I am a professional with over 20 years experience. I have a Meisner teacher certification; both BFA & MFA are performance degrees from American universities; I have a MFA (equivalent) from LISPA (Neo), in Berlin, Germany - founded by Thomas Prattki. During my 6 years acting in Paris, I used every opportunity to study with  master European teachers, like Gennadi Bogdanov, Norman Taylor, Sergei Ostrenko, Robin Carr, et al. These workshops coupled with my own interests in behavioral sciences, neurology, and communication studies gives me extreme insightful and focus in my feedback to the student. I illuminate theatre history by observing European history, and I explain theatrical styles as art-movements, akin to 20th cent. painting.



Thomas Prattki, Berlin

"Colum has been truly outstanding ... his strong presence made him very quickly an enormously important fix point within the group, since he is able to link great calmness, openness and a good sense of humour with an absolute professional attitude ... He is not only a mature performer, but also a wonderfully inspiring teacher and guide." Thomas P. (Founder & Director of LISPA (Neo) [Berlin, Germany]

“Incredible! comme toujours!"

"Thank you Colum. You're so talented at taking complex theatre theories and make them easy to understand and interpret and play with. (…) I come out feeling like I've learnt so much physically and mentally and without taking notes or feeling heavily burdened with information. It's fantastic!” Natalia R. [Paris]

"Colum's brilliance and dedication as an actor is a rare find."

"He fully immerses himself into each role and gives so much to his fellow co-stars. His training and experience as an actor shines through his work and his professional approach to each project." Tiffany H. [Big Funk Company, Paris]