Let me teach you how to...

Read Body Language

Discover what posture and gesture communicate. Behavior science studies continue to find and emphasize non-verbal communication.

I bring together the latest scientific findings combined with classic theatre techniques professionals successfully use in front of hundreds of people each night.

Find your integrated movements

"... merges posture and gesture with consistent quality, dynamic or shape." - E. Goldman

"The How of Happiness" (2007) and Bodily Maps of Emotions" (2014) both found upright posture produced enthusiastic feelings, more excited and strong.

Find true expression

Uncover how proximity and gaze send subtle signals; how the quality of one's voice can make people stop where they are.

Send clear signals and learn how to identify emotional cues in others. Learn how subtle shifts in everyone's posture gives you clues as to how the conversation is progressing.

Strengthening your skills in communication.

I work with business professionals, creatives, and performers who feel they can benefit from understanding the art of communication.

We begin by investigating non-verbal communication through a series of uniquely designed steps. By examining our gestures, our eyes, our walk, our posture, et al. we work out how our bodies communicate. You will also learn exercises aimed at improving the tone and quality of your voice.


By the end of your training, you will have an awareness of how you communicate, an efficient way to warm-up your voice/body, and stronger tools that allow you to feel comfortable, empowered, and connected to your audience.



"You were right, he’s brilliant and I learned a lot about the power of voice/body."

"Thank you again for the great session, Colum! I really enjoyed it. In fact, I put a few of your tips into use and received a ton of positive feedback." Alex T. [California]

"5--no, 6, no, 7 stars!! Wonderful, clear, patient instruction."

"I wanted to say I throughly enjoyed the class and I felt I learnt so much from Colum. He was such a positive and encouraging teacher and he made it feel like such a safe environment for me to explore a new technique and not worry about making any mistakes or getting things wrong." Norma H. [Paris]

"It was the revelation of a whole new world!"

"Your teaching approach is amazing. It really is. Generous, encouraging and incredibly thoughtful. Could not be better. You really are a natural teacher, and sharer of wisdom. 

And the doctors bag is epic!"

L. James [Paris]


Public Speaking C.V. (pdf)