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About Me

Teacher - Facilitator - Educator

A sample of my teaching notes.

  • I TEACH TRUTH: I am a Meisner certified teacher and an IMPP graduate of LIPSA (Neo) in Berlin, Germany.
  • I HONOR HARD-WORK: the mastery of basic skills build the foundation of genius; biomechanics is the perfect place to begin.
  • I  ASSIST ACTIVE EXPERIMENTATION: I love to demonstrate how disciplines come together, cross-over, and connect.
  • I SUPPORT SOCIAL ACTION: "The significance of a man is not in what he attains but in what he longs to attain." Khalil Gibran

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My Favorite Work

Paris performance.

I approach acting as a shared experience with the audience; the work I enjoy the most is when the audience feels connected to my performance.  I spent 6 years living in Paris, working professionally across a range of styles, collaborations, and demands. I was a resident actor with PCPA, one of the fewest resident professional companies in America, where I played their leading man in a range of musicals & plays. I have received recognition for my contributions in radio & v.o. - M.T. - cont. theatre -  improv - performance styles. AFTRA - SAG - EQUITY (eligible).

Resumé & Headshots

Modern Creative

Personal creation.

As a modern creative, I find expression in personal art that reveals an internal state or idea, a result of my own research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral sciences. Images play the largest role, which "mirror and magnify your brain's pattern of perception and association in the way you learn, think, and create." T. Buzan

Personal Artwork

Public Speaking Coach

Read Body Language

Discover what posture and gesture communicate. Behavior science studies continue to find and emphasize non-verbal communication.

Find your integrated movements

"... merges posture and gesture with consistent quality, dynamic or shape." - E. Goldman

Find true expression

Uncover how proximity and gaze send subtle signals; how social skills reflect the quality of one's voice.


A few performance reviews

Leonard in SEMINAR by Theresa Rebeck

Publicity for show.

“When casting the role of Leonard, performed on Broadway by such luminaries as Jeff Goldblum and the late Alan Rickman, it’s paramount that the actor be a bastion of charisma. The character is often so cavalier, cut-throat, and even reprehensible, that without inherent charm the character could become intolerable. It’s to our benefit, then, that they brought in Colum Parke Morgan for the role, a ball of pure charm, who practically stole the show in Austin Shakespeare’s production of Much Ado About Nothing. When he lambastes the other characters’ writing, he’s somehow able to make us both hate him, understand him, and at times even believe him. He has the ability to deliver an insult as if it’s a compliment, with even his most cutting critiques coming off more as tough love than out-and-out harassment. Part of this stems from Rebeck’s intelligent writing for the character, but Morgan certainly brings his own attitude to the role, able to seem both carefree and delicate simultaneously throughout.”

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Publicity for show.

“Morgan is spot on as the frustrated Caleb, trying to make ends meet since the town mill has shut down.”

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Thomas in IMAGINARY INVALID - American premiere adaptation

Publicity for show.

“Perhaps the gem of the production—for what else does one call the lead in a parade of buffoonery, but a gem—is the character of Thomas Dickinson played with absolutely no restraint by Colum Parke Morgan.”

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NEW! Improvised Musical for TEDx Paris 2016

A performance sample for TEDx Paris. I performed with this troupe, which improvises a full length musical every month, complete with live on-stage musicians, before a live audience - often stopping to take suggestions, as demonstrated in this video. This time, the audience votes me the "hero" (ff to 8:23 for reveal and subsequent "hero" song).

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